Taeyang make it own

GS favorite: Taeyang Shoes Set (0000011). Make it Own Pullip- Taeyang – My weekend Craft project. Blank Kits Everything you need to make your own Pullip, Dal, Isul or Taeyang.

Includes body, hea eye mechanism, eyechips, eyelashes and screws. See what items on consist of an interesting Pullip Make It Own Kit MIO collection. TAEYANG Dolls Make It Your Own Face Body Pale Doll Japan Import.

OUTFIT Series : Black Peace Now ”Giovanni” Février 2012.

Outfit – Galesnjak Heart look set Août 2013.

Pour le moment, il y a de disponible Pullip, Taeyang, Dal et Isul en. Bonjour, pour noel j’aimerais avoir une make it own mais vu que sur le . Notify me of updates to MF-0Oct 20- TAEYANG Plain Head with Body kit . Alice rs – Yuna-pullip moon rs – Ninon-une little – Jack-taeyang Black Jack – Maxellence-pullip make it own -William-taeyang William -Eliane-pullip . Tags : Axel, Cadëlhiel, Flora, isul make it own, Kaito, Kohjirö, pullip eos, pullip eos custo, pullip make it own, pullip paja, pullip paja custo, Séraphine, taeyang . Tags : Flora, Kojirô, pullip make it own, taeyang, taeyang make it own, taeyang michan, . Rechercher tous les articles taggés Make it own. Pullip, Dal, Isul ou Taeyang stock sans wigs, eyeship ni make-up. Create your own custom pullip, dal, taeyang or Isul~!

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