Posca markers

POSCA est un marqueur peinture tout support. Professionnels, amateurs et enfants utilisent le POSCA dans des domaines aussi variés que les loisirs créatifs,. Posca can be used by professionnals, beginners and children in countless areas such as creative crafts.

These opaque felt tip markers can write on a variety of surfaces including plastic, metal, woo glass, plaster, canvas and more. Posca Paint Markers – Contains Non-Toxic Water Base Paint. Mark on metal, woo glass, plastic, plaster, canvas and more.

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Uni POSCA Markers – vivid paint marking for a huge range of uses. Uni POSCA Markers provide vibrant colours for illustrations and hobbies. New Video and the start to my new part series on How I use Posca Paint. Vibrant and opaque, Uni Posca paint markers are excellent for crafting and making signs and posters. Waterproof ink works well on a wide variety of surfaces.

Posca Markers are an acrylic based paint marker. They have vibrant, waterproof, permanent inks that can be used on most surfaces. Posca pens can be used on virtually any surface.

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Uni POSCA markers use water-based pigment ink that is lightfast and water-resistant, available in pin, chisel, bullet and brush tips and a huge range . Not surprisingly, because of their versatility, Posca markers, have garnered a lot of positive attention from artist and painters worldwide. Used by creatives from students to street artists, the opaque Posca paint pens are incredibly versatile. With a huge range of colours and a selection of nib sizes . Find great deals on for POSCA Pens in High Quality Pens and Markers.

UNI POSCA COLOUR MARKER PC-1MR PAINT PENS EXTRA FINE NIB TIP 0. Posca markers use water-based pigment ink to produce poster-paint-like vibrant colours. Posca is easily removed from glass, making it ideal for temporary signs .