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Both kids and professional musicians can explore the science of soun make sweet beats and create instruments with this modular synthesizer. We talk through and demo the new analogue synth construction kit from littleBits and Korg. EM Technical Editor Gino Robair demonstrates the sound and features of the littleBits Synth Kit, a miniature.

Save Big On Open-Box Used Products: Buy littleBits Electronics Synth Kit” from Amazon Open-Box Used and save off the $159. Le fabricant de gadgets électroniques japonais LittleBits s’est associé à Korg afin de concevoir un kit de mini-synthé analogique DIY pour . Korg and littleBits have joined forces to make what’s basically analogue Lego. If there is littleBits Synth Kit, you will be able to build up a modular synthesizer that can be modified any number of times.

We broke the story of Korg and littleBits’ Synth Kit a little too early on MusicTech. It’s basically a DIY set of easy-connecting .

Le kit synthétiseur littleBits Synth Kit est un synthétiseur modulaire incroyablement puissant et facile à utiliser. Modular analogue synthesiser made up of littleBits modules; Create amazing sounds right out of the box; Project booklet with step-by-step instructions; Box . The littleBits synth kit is an incredibly powerful, easy to use modular synthesizer. The littleBits Synth Kit is an incredibly powerful, easy-to-use modular synthesizer that helps you unleash your inner rockstar. Use the power of electronics to buil prototype and invent!

Bits is a system of components that snap together . There seems to be no stopping Korg at the moment, at least in the realm of analogue- flavoured kit. Our friends at littleBits enlisted Reggie Watts to demonstrate the power and potential of their new collaborative product with revered synth makers Korg. Bits and Korg first teamed up on a kit for aspiring musicians back in 201 and now the duo is at it again.