Nakaya naka ai

Designed by Nakaya master pen designer Shinichi Yoshida in collaboration with Classic Fountain Pen’s John Mottishaw, the Naka-ai, with its peaked ends and . Welcome to Nakaya, your handmade fountain pen shop introducing some of the finest Japanese nib craftsmen in the world. Before ever getting this Nakaya Naka-Ai Writer Ao-Tamenuri from the venerable Thomas I was in awe of everything Nakaya.

Nakaya Naka-ai Tame-Sukashi Cat Fountain Pen Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo Ink Fine cursive italic nib. This review is of the Nakaya Naka-ai unpolished Shu finish or Shu-nurippanashi. This weeks review is of the beautiful Nakaya Naka-ai Shu Unpolished (Shu-nurippanashi) Writer. This Nayaka was purchased through Classic .

The box is marked in Kanji with ‘Nakaya Fountain Pen company’ and ‘Luxury Fountain Pen’. Darn, it was such a chore to ink up my Naka-Ai. A Nakaya has been on my buy list for a few years now but because my taste in fountain pens has been moving towards vintage European pens . Writer Aka-tamenuri (dark reddish-red) Fountain.

Video made with Nakaya Naka-ai Tame-Sukashi Cat Fountain Pen and Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo ink. Custom in Madreperlato Red Cherry, Nakaya Naka-ai Style. For this pen, the customer asked for no polish, just sanding to bring out the gentle gleam and lustre . I finally got my Nakaya pens from John Mottishaw.

I got the Naka-ai model in an Aka-tamenuri finish. I was very excited to try my first Nakaya pen. This particular model is the Nakaya Naka-ai Writer in Aka-tamenuri. I don’t care for the pictures, but promised to post them. The yellow light and my pictures don’t do justice to the pen.

Nakaya’s following is built on a keenly curated selection. Such is the case of the Naka – Ai, a John Mottishaw and Shinichi Yoshida . Nakaya Naka-ai Tame-Sukashi Cat Fountain Pen Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo Ink Fine cursive italic nib custom ground by John Mottishaw Paper: .