Dartford bridge

Pay the Dartford Crossing charge (Dart Charge). You can’t pay at the Dartford Crossing barriers anymore. The fee depends on the type of vehicle you have and whether you’ve set up an account or not.

You can get a discount if you live in Dartford or . In 20Highways England began work to remove the barriers at the Dartford Crossing and introduced a new way to pay called Dart Charge. The Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing, commonly known as the Dartford Crossing and until 19the Dartford Tunnel, is a major road crossing of the River . Nous tenons à vous communiquer toute information pouvant affecter directement votre activité.

From October 20the way you pay the Datford Crossing charge will change when Dart Charge is introduced to replace cash payments at toll booths and the . Find out how much the Dartford Crossing costs to use it, how to pay and what happens if you forget. Have you forgotten to pay for your Dartford Crossing? Find out how you can swerve fines and make sure you remember next time with Pete .