Oberheim xpander

Synthétiseur analogique en rack Oberheim XPander: photos, discussions dans les forums, vidéos, fichiers à télécharger, avis, extraits audio, . The Xpander is a six-voice desktop version of the Matrix with which it shares an identical voice architecture.

A song made entirely on a multi tracked Oberheim Xpander Vintage analog synthesizer. The Oberheim Xpander is a desktop version of Oberheim Matrix-and was an analog synthesizer launched by Oberheim in 19and discontinued in 1988. Par contre Oberheim a commercialisé des .

The Oberheim Xpander combines maior innovations in analog and digital hardware with. Each of the Xpander’s six voices are compietely independent. The Xpander was Oberheim’s first synth product that was designed from the ground up with MIDI in mind.

It was a 6-voice, multitimbral analog synthesizer with . Released in 19this is still considered one of the ultimate analogue synth modules, if not the ultimate. It could be the fact that the Oscillators are genuine . This video, via Classic Vintage, explores the sonic capabilities of the classic Oberheim Matrix synthesizer. The massively powerful Oberheim Matrix-has been resurrected at last. Send me your MIDI file and I’ll run it through this Oberheim Xpander.

Describe the synth patch setting you are going for and . Ive been researching and racking my brains for what analogue synth would best suit me. Im not super rich at the moment – due to a long story . Im Januar 20stellte unser Autor Moogulator erstmals den Oberheim Xpander vor. Wie er damals schrieb, zu einem interessanten . Grenoble 380France – Image Son Isère.