Electro harmonix bass micro synth

Impossible de parler du genre synthé-bass sans citer l’Electro-Harmonix. Effet Basse Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer (Original): photos, discussions dans les forums, avis, vidéos et extrait audio. Effet Basse Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth: photos, extraits audio, prix, discussions dans les forums, annonces, news, avis, test, fichier .

The same feature set as the Micro Synthesizer, but with a trigger and filter sweep range especially tailored for bass guitar. Experiment with pickup selector positions. Different pickup combinations will produce variations in the final sound.

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Get the guaranteed best price on Bass Effects Pedals like the Electro-Harmonix Bass MicroSynth Effects Pedal at Musician’s Friend. If you want to turn your bass guitar into a synth, you now can with the Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer analog microsynth bass effects pedal.

Les clients qui se sont intéressés pour l’article Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synth, ont ensuite acheté les articles suivants chez nous . Hey There, I am curious about the general opinion of the Electro Harmonix Bass MicroSynth. I am looking into one but haven’t had the chance . If you’re just out making it happen in the clubs, there is no better way to go than the Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth. De sonorités vintage classiques façon ‘Moog’ à des créations custom délirantes, le Micro . Infos sur Electro-Harmonix Bass MicroSynth : avis, comparateur de prix, fiche technique, forum de discussion… Tout sur pédale d’effet Electro-Harmonix Bass . The Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer creates tones ranging from the classic vintage sounds of the early Moog synthesizer to wild . The Bass Micro Synthesizer has the same feature set as the Micro Synthesizer, but includes a trigger and filter sweep range especially tailored for bass guitar.

Essentially an octave, fuzz, and envelope filter all in one, the Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth sports ten sliders for a virtually limitless array of analog synth . Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth et gagnez de l’argent. Revendre un produit En savoir plus Professionnel ? La Bass Micro Synth d’Electro Harmonix vous fournit un moyen économique de produire les sons de synthé analogique les plus .